Meister Galen

CH ptd CJ's Vision Meister Galen Von Bullet CGC






DOB:          October 19, 2004

Sire:           CJ-Diamond's Hills Lightning Bullet ( Bull)

Dam:          Kind Kye-Ann Selah ( Kye )

Height:       31 1/2"

Weight:    142#                                                                                                                              

Color:          White Sable Plush

Penn Hip:  L- .32  R - .26  No DJD

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart: Normal by Cardiologist


Galen, Gaelic for "Little Bright One",  our 3rd male comes from a very special breeding.  His Sire & Dam, both "Old Line Shilohs" were brought together to produce this highly anticipated litter. 

With the addition of our fourth Shiloh, Lucien, to our pack, Galen has settled into the role of big brother and playmate.  These two boys  are non stop and spend most of their day hanging out with each other, hunting for bugs and playing ring around the pool. A toss of the head will send them both into a round of catch me if you can.  Galen lives for his playtime with Lucien!

With the exceptional results of his health testing Galen will be used to create  sound, stable, big and beautiful shilohs of the future and to diversify the current gene pool.

It is our pleasure to announce that with the completion of his health testing, Galen is now standing at Stud for select breedings.  All proposed breedings will be extensively researched prior to contract, due to the exceptional nature of Galen's lineage.

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