Jaeger - Sara



                                Shenandoah's Sara of Blue Mist                         3xTD bnri CH Laursen's Meister Jaeger of CJs CGC TDI TT EA4

   Sire:    CJ-Diamond's Hills Lightning Bullet ( Bull)                                                        Sire:   b CH CJ's Lobo's Legacy Tobias CGC

   Dam:  Shenandoah's Lexus of Sunstar                                                                            Dam:   CJ's Mason Dixon Lady Lisa CGC

   DOB:   August 24, 2004                                                                                                  DOB:   September 6, 2002

   Height:  27 "                                                                                                                      Height:   31"

   Weight:  90 lbs                                                                                                                 Weight"   125 lbs

   Color:    Black & Cream Sable Plush                                                                                Color:   Black & Silver Bi Plush

   OFA Hips:  Fair                                                                                                               Penn Hip:   L-.33  R-.30 No DJD

   OFA Heart: Normal                                                                                                         OFA Heart:    Normal Cardiologist

                                                                                                                                            OFA Thyroid:   Normal


The concept of this breeding has been in the back of my mind for quite a while.  Uniting the CJ's Lobo Amado DeWindsong lines with the CJ-Diamond Hills Lightning Bullet lines.  When we were approached by Mary Rogers of Blue Mist Shiloh's we jumped at the chance.

With this pairing, we hope to bring back the Old Line Classic Shiloh Look.  We're hoping for the Regal Bearing that was passed down from Lobo to Jaeger and for the diversity and heavy bone and head structure that Bull passed down to Sara.

We were expecting an array of colors from this litter with heavy bone structure and outstanding temperaments. but were blessed with 9 dark healthy babies.  With Sara being a substantial bitch at 27 inches & 90 pounds, and Jaeger at 31 inches and 130 pounds these two should produce sizeable puppies with phenomenal heads, hopefully giving us the look of the Shiloh's of the past.  We are pleased with the progress these puppies are making and we're starting to see that we're achieving what we were striving for.

       For more information on this litter, please contact us at 814-849-3816, E-Mail us at Puppies@MeisterShilohs.com, or call Mary Rogers at 814-752-2197


Thank You

John & Laurie Laursen



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One Black & Silver Female still available  

                      contact Mary Rogers at 814-752-2197                               


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